Your daily dose of Quake

Are you man enough.. play with a newb? If so you really should sign up to Luckyshots 2on2 mixed tournament. It’s a fun system used for tournaments all to rarely. Two players of random skill level gets teamed up and told to face another pair of randomly paired up opponents, the winners move on to the next round in which they get randomly paired up with someone again. The losers are either out of the tournament or move down to the losers bracket. You got one week to play each game and get to know your new teammate.

This makes for some hilarious stuff, I remember myself participating in the last season. I got paired up with Reppie and thinking OH MY GOD I AM PLAYING WITH A QUAKE LEGEND. We faced two middle skilled players who kicked our asses on every map but Aerowalk. Not strange considering I am such a newb and have only ever been decent on Aerowalk but still it was fun that I managed to put one of the best QuakeWorld players in the world into the losers bracket in the first round just cause I sucked so much. đŸ˜€

So participate and ask yourself, which legendary QW player will you put out of the tournament? All you have to do in order to participate is send Luckyshot a message on IRC with the following information:

  • Quakename
  • Nationality
  • Irc Channel
  • Email

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