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Introducing the playoff teams

You know their nicks, maybe even their names but do you know their faces? Following are photos of all the teams that qualified for the gold division playoffs. (more…)


Random stuff

I know I have been slow on updates, but fuck I forgot to buy a sleeping bag and a mattress so I haven’t got any sleep yet. Expect things to be better tomorrow with more updates and pictures. So what has happened so far? Well first thing that happened was Lethalwiz getting his power supply broken, some help from Peppe and he got a new one. (more…)

We have arrived

at QHLan and things are starting to move, Zalon is working hard on making sure the 2on2 tournament gets running while the other tournaments will start tomorrow. Another great surprise is the fact that Phil’s T4/Shrine tournament will have a $200 prize pool. Instead of rambling about how great we have it here at QHLan and why you should be here next year lets just share some pictures and introduce the people at the lan.


Are you man enough.. play with a newb? If so you really should sign up to Luckyshots 2on2 mixed tournament. It’s a fun system used for tournaments all to rarely. Two players of random skill level gets teamed up and told to face another pair of randomly paired up opponents, the winners move on to the next round in which they get randomly paired up with someone again. The losers are either out of the tournament or move down to the losers bracket. You got one week to play each game and get to know your new teammate.


$100 tournament for Quake 3 map?(!)

Some years after QuakeWorld was released another game containing everything but the fun of QuakeWorld was released called Quake 3. Now despite the game being slow and rather boring compared to QW (yet awesome compared to most games) it did have some good maps, one of them being Tourney4. Phil one of the big contributors to the QuakeWorld scene created a remake of this map, together with Distrans, about a year ago and has now decided to hold an unofficial tournament at QHLan in which only T4 will be played. There is also a chance that there will be a $100 prize pool, but who cares, we play this game for fun, right?

Perhaps this shows some promise for a future KTK and FTK season as well, but what do I know? 🙂

Source: Esreality

Hello world!

So QHLan is coming up in a few days, EQL has not had any coverage at all nor has any other tournament. You know what, my time is better put to use covering tournaments then running them, seeing as no one else will. With that, Hello world! I am here to cover the QuakeWorld scene with whatever content I can find cause some has got to do it.

Yes yes, I know the last time I tried this it didn’t work out that well but I’ll talk about that later and why it should work out now bla bla bla. What matters is that someone starts covering the daily stuff going on in QuakeWorld so the players do not have to feel like they are playing in a vacuum. Lets give it a shot shall we?